Welcome to the new Brell Serilis message board website.

There's still much to do to get this bucket of bytes working the way we want it to, but we've got two functional boards that are serving the needs of the community.

On Brell Rants, we have a bug/feature forum to report any problems you might have with the board, or any features you'd like to see added.

Your administration team is:

Site Admin: Ddrak

Brell Main Board Admin: Vumil

Brell Main Moderators: Crelone, Kestri, Jaradis, Nadia, Akassha, Gormadoc

Brell Rants Board Admin: Ddrak

Brell Rants Moderators: Ofjnir, Mystical Ogre (Gloobonious), Crrusha, Tanluas

Game News on Brell Rants: Nadia

Template Guru: Crelone

Board Look & Feel Guru: T.King (Thomus/Greybur)

If you are having problems accessing the boards, please email ddrak@brellrants.net for assistance.

Click on either banner above to access either of the Brell boards, or follow the links below.

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