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Post by Jabettez » Wed Apr 14, 2004 11:48 AM

I am here to stay!! I love it here and I love Aric :) Thank you all for your best wishes!

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Post by jlangelne » Thu Apr 15, 2004 12:21 PM

congrats guys and i wish all the best to you and your families! and to all the other happy couples that have found real love on EQ.
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Post by Akassha » Thu Apr 22, 2004 12:49 PM


Married almost 2 years and now.....Homeowners!

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Post by Idienie » Sat Apr 24, 2004 12:48 AM

My god Kass, has it been 2 years already? Where does the time go?

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Post by Sidine Elvesbane » Sat Apr 24, 2004 6:48 AM

Congrats on your new home Akassha and Sig ... /hugs


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Post by Karjia » Sat Apr 24, 2004 9:48 AM

I feel old. Alren and I Have been together for 2 and a half years already.

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Post by Alyx Druidess » Wed Apr 28, 2004 3:13 AM

Congrats Kass and Sig, on your new home! It's HUMONGUS!! well compared to homes in the UK.

Since we posted on this thread when it first started and well cos the servers are down also, I thought i would post a Vittorio and Alyx's RL wedding pic. We meet in EQ, live together in the UK I am officially a resident of the UK so i'm not goin anywhere lol.


Oh and we are back from retirement. /sigh the force wasn't very strong in Star Wars Galaxies

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Post by Chal » Wed Apr 28, 2004 7:21 AM

Wow I never seen this, guess I need to visit these boards more often.

I met my soul mate on EQ. It was definitely meant to be. We had to endure so much just to be together.

I met Caeryn in Iceclad umm like 4years ago. (yes I am the bad one with dates) I was a lil druid named Chalincia and he was the mighty warrior named Caeryn. We grouped together that day and I instantly enjoyed his company. He was funny and very sweet. We grouped a few more times after that, and I started noticing I was doing /who all Caeryn everytime I logged on.

When I found out he lived in Sweden I was a little heart broken, but at the same time happy cause I was in the process of a nasty divorce and he was "safe."

We continued to play together often, I would send tells to his brothers chars all the time...Caeryn home? No he is working/sleeping.

Little did I know, Caeryn would only log in when he knew Chalincia would be playing.

One day I was in karnors, I must have been level 55 or what not, we had our first lil argument. I wanted to stay and play there and he wanted to do something else. I threw my little tantrum and he logged. I was so upset at him for logging, it just crushed me that he shut me off like that. So I logged ICQ where I decided to give him a piece of my mind and a total tongue lashing. Little did I know he wasn't logging, only logging to an alt. When he logged back and noticed I wasn't there anymore he panic and came to ICQ where he found my not so nice message.

He managed to get my attention ( I was sitting there whole time, in tears, yet seeing his pleas to talk to him). We started talking and he finally said, I know it's a game and all but feel something for you, I agreed that I to felt this. From that time on I think we spent more time on ICQ then we did in game. If we were in game, we were not xping we talking and sharing our beliefs about marriage, children and life in general. Finally after about 6 months of just talking he asked to come out and see me. My little safety net from men all of a sudden had huge holes in it!! I did say yes though.

He came out for what was suppossed to be a 2 week visit in July of 2001. He stayed for 8 weeks. He flew back home the end of August beginning of September. We were both miserable and my phone bill rocketed up to 3 thousand dollars!!

Sept. 11, 2001~~

I am awakened by the telephone ringing and ringing. I pick it up and on the other is a voice I recognize in tears. It Caeryn crying and telling me that the US has gone to war. I freaked for the moment and asked him what was going on. He said that the towers had been bombed and the pentagon. (This was the news that had been related to Sweden at the time) I said this is the US we don't just go to war overnight.

I ran down the stairs and flipped on the radio and heard it worded the same way. Fell to ground crying and screaming. Then I hear the voice on the line say I can't get into the country, they have closed all borders. I can't get to you and you can't get to me. It was the worst feeling I have ever felt in my life. I have never felt so alone.

After we calmed down and dug into the information a little bit deeper I found the information about the terrorist attack. After we both totally calmed down and HIS parents calmed down...He said to me: I didn't want to ask this way, but I can't handle being away from you. I think about you all the time and my stomach hurts constantly because I cannot be by you. If I come there will you marry me.

Two weeks later he was in the US again. We were married in my livingroom on November 20, 2001.

There is nothing here for Caeryn but me and my son. He left everything just to be with me and my son. To this day he gives us 150% of everything he has to give, and I can do no wrong. He has taken on the roll of being a father and husband and asks nothing in return but my love and HE GETS IT!! Forever and always!!

Love you sweetie!!

Chal (Lil guy sends his love too)

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Post by salomeasillverfrost » Wed Apr 28, 2004 7:35 AM

I agree with you Chal, you did find yourself a wonderful man there and I am so happy for both of you and count myself extremely luck to count both of you as my good friends. /hugs Sal
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Post by Karjia » Fri Apr 30, 2004 5:47 PM

Alyx Druidess wrote:Congrats Kass and Sig, on your new home! It's HUMONGUS!! well compared to homes in the UK.

Since we posted on this thread when it first started and well cos the servers are down also, I thought i would post a Vittorio and Alyx's RL wedding pic. We meet in EQ, live together in the UK I am officially a resident of the UK so i'm not goin anywhere lol.


Oh and we are back from retirement. /sigh the force wasn't very strong in Star Wars Galaxies
GLad you two are together. You guys rock.

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Post by Brinker Moonhound » Mon May 03, 2004 7:58 AM

This is all very amazing to read. I know almost none of you that I recall...well, I know Sal, but that is about all. But none the less, congrats to all of you. I hope your relationships flourish and stay healthy. From what I have read and gathered, you all deserve it.
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Post by Freecare Spiritwise » Thu May 13, 2004 12:14 PM

I met my wife over the Internet about 8 years ago.

At the time I wasn't happy with the women I was meeting in bars, through friends, etc. It just seemed so random. Back in '96, internet dating was a new thing, and most people didn't trust it (including me).

I worked with a guy that was meeting these incredible women over the internet. My friends were trying to convince me that all these women were "damaged goods" (or 14 year old boys pretending to be women), but I could see the women that my co-worker was dating, so I decided to give it a try.

There was a few good singles sites I found, so I just started sending off emails to women that I wanted to meet. My first few emails were total disasters. Not just rejections, but 5 page rejections. I had a lot to learn about internet dating.

After a few months I was meeting as many women as I had the time to meet. Distance wasn't a big problem, because I had a great job and lots of frequent flyer miles.

There were so many "near misses", as well as a few disasters, like flying out to date 2 different women in the same city (seemed like a good idea at the time). My confidence was high, rejection no longer bothered me, and I was meeting tons of cool women. But, after a year of internet dating, I still couldn't seem to find "miss right".

When I finally did send an email to the woman that turned out to be the "one", I was skeptical about it. She seemed too good to be true, and every day I tried to figure out what the catch was. She had kids, and I wasn't really looking to date a woman with kids. I decided to give her a chance, and sent her a plane ticket.

When she got off the plane I knew she was the girl I was going to marry. She was even more beautiful than her picture, and she was so nervous she was shaking. I didn't know what to do, so I just grabbed her and kissed her. On the way home from the airport, I kissed her at every stoplight LOL.

8 years later, we are still together, and I still kiss her every chance I get. I married the woman of my dreams. Most of my friends who thought I was crazy for meeting women over the internet started surfing the dating sites themselves.

It's not right for everyone, and some guys use the internet as a crutch because they are too shy to approach women. For me it was perfect, and allowed me to meet the kind of women I just wouldn't have met in bars, clubs, etc.

Congrats, Knott and Jabette! May true love smile upon you two for years to come!
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Update on Knott and Jabette :)

Post by Jabettez » Thu May 13, 2004 12:37 PM

As posted by Knott on another board /wink...


Been looking for a reason to take a vacation? Been wanting to see the plains of the midwest? What better sceenery then corn fields and pig farms!

If your looking for that excuse to see all these beautiful things I have JUST the excuse for you

Jabette and Knott (a.k.a. Diana and Aric) are tying the knott on May 22nd in the Quad Cities. My home town area in Illinois. We had planned for September but things have changed and we have decided that we have no reason to wait. Although I don't expect to see anyone of you there and this was meant to just be the announcment, by all means your welcome to come.

Feel free to e-mail us at or

We obviously will not be considering coming back to the game or renewing our accounts until all this is over so if you want to get ahold of us for any reason, feel free to e-mail or those of you that have our number, feel free to call!


Jabby and Knott

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In defence of Net relationships

Post by Linolea » Tue May 25, 2004 8:33 AM

Dear All:

Please do not confuse this post with the current Linolea who graciously took over the reins of the lil michievous rogue I enjoyed playing for 17 months or so. I speak as the original that was around Brell from June 2, 2002 till the end of 2003, and decided on a whim to skulk around your boards today. This is a topic that is especially close to my heart on many levels.

I moved to SWG as Lin'lea in September 2003 and eventually found a home with a guild on Valcyn server named TOG (The Older Gamers) in January of this year. Another guildie named Yashean almost left TOG as a consequence of my joining because I was the first import from a guild with which she had had a very unpleasant encounter. A fellow guildie convinced her to give me a chance, but had no idea where that would lead.

The first time Yashean and Lin'lea spoke in text was exceedingly harrowing, as she laid out exactly what she thought of myself and the guild from which I had come. I was in tears from the stress of the encounter, but strong was my desire to make amends for the guild from which I hailed.

Luckily TOGers were keen users of TeamSpeak (a voice communications package that runs in parallel to most online games) and Yashean and I had the chance to talk. So much is lost in text, or over interpretted at times, and those words which had seemed so harsh to me a day before became merely those of an assertive and confident individual. As our true natures became apparent, and we began to speak at length a subtle transformation began to take place. Within two weeks we turned from what might have been indifferent rivals to two people that knew they had to be together in RL.

There was never a craziness... nor a sense of helplessness in the face of overwhelming emotion.... rather it was as if meeting the best friend you never realised was there. Neither of us could explain it, and yet we knew it was completely right.

Early in the piece Lin'lea was deleted to make way for Aileric (only one character per server on SWG) because Yashean wasn't marrying a female toon ... oh so picky :-) This was just a precursor of what was to be in RL. Over the next two months we logged at least 6-8 hours a day if not more just chatting endlessly (voice) while in game. Somehow there was never a shortage of things to chat about and the relationship was completely effortless and natural.

So as one does when one listens to one's heart, I set off to meet Shelly (Yashean's RL name) on the 1st of March, travelling from Perth (Western Australia) to Arizona. There was no giddy anticipation, no nervousness, just a steady calm from the knowledge that this is how things should be... and so it was when we met. It was the most natural thing in the world that we be together.

In the next 12 days we had a wonderful time together, and I had the pleasure of meeting much of her family, her two wonderful boys, and several friends. While they knew of Shelly's friend from Australia, none really knew the extent of our intended relationship, but that would come in time.

Sadly on March 13th Shelly awoke feeling quite ill, and later had a minor cardiac arrest whle we waited in the office of her friend and chiroprator. While there is no such thing as a minor heart attack, he and I looked on as the paramedics took the situation under control and ambulanced her to the local hospital. From there the situation spiralled ever worse and Shelly gave up the fight some hours later, but not before her parents and boys managed to see her.

While the tears still flow freely in the writing of these passages, this is not an experience I would ever have forgone. Flying over to meet Shelly is possibly the wisest decision I ever made, and what little time we had was blissfully happy. Some things are just meant to be...

None of us know how long we have in this matrix we call RL... when something so right comes along you should not resist its pull. These are the things that matter.

I am a strong believer that relationships built in these cyber worlds are often off to a healthier start than those started in RL. As long as both parties are open and honest you get to know the person long before any physical attraction can take hold, and therein can lie the foundation for a stable lasting friendship or partnership. Once that foundation is laid the worst that can happen is that you have a new best friend :-)

I can never lose Shelly, she has changed my life forever, and yet down the track I know there lie new adventures, new hope and love will rise once again in a different guise.

Mike, aka Linolea (the original)
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Post by Nanilae Mezenrez » Fri May 28, 2004 9:37 AM

You two are one of 4 couples I know that have met and married through EQ. Sadly, you're also now officially one of the 3 couples I know that play EQ together, myself and Dal included.

EQ couples rock but the keep retiring! DON'T LEAVE! It's great to have you two around.

Oh and . . .
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Post by Enchantress of the Sky » Fri May 28, 2004 12:01 PM

WOW! This is the first time I had seen this post. So many people meeting over eq and the internet. I thought I might as well share my story...

My story starts in the year 2002. I was living with my roommate fresh out of high school and living the life of one of those " wild teenagers" my mother always warned me about. Parties every night of the week, going to work with hang overs you know the usual.. My best friend introduced me to Anthony over MSN Messenger. He was her best friend in college. We hit it off over the interenet. I mean there's no bounderies there, you can't see peoples facial expressions and if you get embarrased they can't see you blush. We talked over the net for closed to 2 months before meeting. Even though he was only 30 miles away.

Well , it was my best friends 22nd Birthday party. Her friends and I decided that we'd throw her a suprise party. So we contacted all of her friends and had them meet us at her house. We had balloons , we had gifts, we had cake , and we had the BOOZE! Well, her friend Anthony, from DeQueen, AR came down to join in the festivities.He was the man i had talked to over the internet! He was a shy brown eyed, blown headed man about 5'8 or 5'9. Totally not what i was expecting but i liked what i saw. When I saw him I thought to myself hrms now there's a possibility... lol I know kinda crude but remember this is a teenager thinking at the time:OP Well, about the time my friend was supposed to be home she called me up and said she wasn't coming home tonight. I was like uhm YES YOU ARE . SHe's like i can't my BF has a special night planned for me ...i'm like dude just get your ass over here... well she ends up coming over and gets a suprise as her friends are there waiting for her...sadly though she only stays an hour before her Boyfriend takes her away again. We all go along with the party any way...who wants to waste the good food and drink?

Well i start flirting with Anthony and i noticed right away he wasn't used to woman being this forward with him, because he sure did turn RED in the face! lol We went out side and talked about where we were from, where we had lived before, and what we want ot do with our lives. He was a very intellegent man. We hit it off right away but I kept thinking this wasn't love i was feeling it was lust ...or just the liquor i had taken in that night. The next morning he left and I went back to my normal life style, figuring the one night stand we had was just that. But Anthony had different plans in mind. He showed up 3 days later on my front door step with roses in hand, and movie tickets to go see Harry Potter. *Love those movies lol*
We dated for about 8 months before I moved in with him. He was staying with his parents because his mother needed help. And with me being a CNA..I could help around the house while he and his dad were at work. We stayed there til we gathered enough cash to move into our own place. We got married Febuary 14th at my grandmothers house in Mena, Arkansas. My husband knowing how much I disliked Arkansas started searching for a job over in Oklahoma...only to find out 3 months later I was pregnant with our first child. My husband found a job in Lawton, Ok and we moved. I was 8months pregnant when we moved which made the 5 hour trip a 8 hour one with all of the stops we had to make. The move was worth it though, he landed a great job and bought the house I told him I always wanted. The 5 bedroom house I grew up in. Now it's May of 2004 and our daughter is 6months old and we are expecting another child in Decemeber. Our love for each other is breath taking. And we owe it to Jess and the technology to talk online.

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Post by Brinker Moonhound » Fri May 28, 2004 12:10 PM

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Post by Itudine_Brell » Sun Jun 06, 2004 1:50 AM

my husband and I met online thru a random chat on ICQ. We met 2 months after that and as soon as I saw him I knew I had to have him :)

we have been married for 4 years and together almost 6.

Never been happier and more fullfilled than I am right now.

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Post by Larceny » Tue Jun 08, 2004 10:17 AM

Keyan and me met in EQ , 3 years ago now. He moved to the USA from France almost a year ago, and we got married in December of 2003. We couldn't be happier.
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Post by Selenea » Tue Jun 08, 2004 10:41 AM

Knott & Jab any pics from the wedding? We need PICS!!

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