Writher Retiring

Retirement notices from those that walked around the world of Norrath with you or before you.

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Writher Retiring

Post by writher » Mon Jan 02, 2006 8:29 PM

In case anyone still reads this, I will be retiring from Everquest.

I would like to thank (in chronological order) Children of the Mother, Ysira, Thoallon, Innatook, Advocates of Destruction,

Minymoto, Krystanie,

Mythic Voyagers (my first raiding guild),
Teellony (Great Leader and motivator),
Serinade (Great bard and a great people person),
Heydar (solid shaman),
Diitch (always so talkative),
Drigon/Bamen(best 2boxer ever),
Asuth(always did what you could even though you had a hard time putting up with people's shit),
Mieni (loved hearing about your girls),
Arethro(I will forever have more posts than you),
Fragmental (cool quiet guy), Beckbane(the good tank always wanting to get down to business),
Yahmahr (consistent cleric with a good sense of humor), Intimidating (P-I-M-P with the ladies - must be because of his cooking skills), Terail (one of my favorite MTs),
Sakyz (did a lot of the behind the scenes stuff that went unappreciated), Maleick (thanks for being such an aggressive raid leader for a few months),
Phiggy (sorry for making you main healer of 4 pallys in VT),
Lyzzo (could always count on you to step up),
Lyzark (very good shaman),
Mirbo (stop dying),
Rislunt (sorry we never got to Time as a guild...great monk),
Nexibat (always provided good insight...solid puller),
Kuungpao (you rock man),
Nachamichi (always a gentleman and one of the great monks),
Garwyn (sorry for the disagreements we had),
Bonkers (loved watching you grow as a player),
Wazabi (good rogue with a good sense of humor),
Kravenhart (epitomized the pally stereotype - except for the gay part), Aweian (awesome druid and bezerker),
Leihia (had your priorities in order),
Roguegurl (elite rogue...so hot), Xaruliz (was cool defeating Sol Ro with you with 20 people or so),
Safyran (in my list of top 5 favorite necros),
Divination and Fosten (at least you guys provided some entertainment),

Aftermath of Darkness (for working with us at certain points),

VC and WoW for playing the game with style and competing civilly,
Scurvy (Thanks for being a pioneer in POP indy Flagging),
to all the people who fought and died in the arena,

Ulath (for helping me become the first 70 shaman),
Phorlar (thanks for the hopestone),

Zyam (even though you never said bye),
Sedan (thanks for the **IS**, hardcore rogue),
Sdvire (solid bard even though I didn't get to raid with you much), Sojourners (you guys rocked),
Yellexin (always honorable pally),
Shintarion (great leader and funny guy),
Mercurie (enjoyed talking with you and the duels),
Exbeast (will have to get a drink with ya sometime),
Aatmaa (thanks for taking me in your groups while I was a recruit, and for being a great guild leader/officer),
Psychosis (controversial character, but I your leadership attitude rocked), Macgarnacle (very consistent shaman),
Frahnz (thanks for giving me a chance bud),
Marhaman (very knowledgeable on shaman stuff), to all the other Sojourners I fought alongside, Stilva, Marinoni, Rulolin (thanks for the help with the signets), Tagarog, Tondef, Darbo (even though you got converted to the dark side), Elme, Sonija, Bigsexy, Penasi, Salomea, Landaru (thanks for the signet help), Karric (the grumpy old man...not really), Ezlano (I think I still got you beat in the arena), Aarana, Greyone, PIpstick (badass rogue), Araden (pink power ranger), Tharagor, Twistt, Taly (cya sis), Muldari, Stabien, Muadebe, JJJ (you must have 15k mana now?), Awenu, Kegolas, Ebamien, Zenos, Sepherenia (sorry I couldn't help you with the C++), Ancere, Aereanna, Bulwulff, Kalohe, Qbob, Drathos, Zomo (always made me laugh), Starlit, Geka (careful she's got poisonous legs), Gwenephar, Baror, Ancere, Kalamurr, Xurts, Itzkul (glad a solid shaman is taking my spot).

Thanks to all those mentioned above and others, sorry if I forgot your name, it wasn't on purpose. I may be back eventually - in 1 Year+ if EQ is still around, I'll have to see what life has in store. Take Care Brell/Cazic, anyone wishing to keep in contact with me - send me a PM I'll give you my AIM name / e-mail.
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Post by Dari » Tue Jan 03, 2006 12:39 PM

Was a pleasure to raid with you, Writher. You're a terrific shaman and a fine person. I wish you the best on whatever roads you travel.

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Post by Araden » Tue Jan 03, 2006 3:19 PM

said my piece on the guild boards. :P

G'luck and hope to see you around Norrath in the future man, if not best wishes IRL!
Araden, plainswalker

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Post by vilawar » Thu Jan 05, 2006 1:14 PM

i still remember meeting u in poj when we used to take turns on the big guardians grinding to 63 i think it was good luck in whatever u do.


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Post by Teellony » Fri Jan 06, 2006 6:21 PM

Writher - So many good memories I have of you.

I remember when I first met you running around in PoV, always wanted to group with you because you were such a good player. You quickly hit my friends list.

When Warsoull and I were co-leading MV we kept going wonder if we could talk Writher into joining the guild, I was always like "she" is such a good player she will never want to join our guild.

Well one day we asked and there ya were, not long after that I just up an promoted you to officer. The best decision I ever made, you were one of the biggest factors in Mythic Voyagers success. Your dedication and love of the guild and desire to help it reach its fullest potential is what helped us lead it to where we wanted it to go.

You were always a huge asset with a positive attitude that made the game a very enjoyable place for me to be. I always enjoyed grouping with you, raiding with you and just being able to call you friend.

I remember when I was busy trying to set you up with some cute guy, LOL I just always thought you were a balls to the wall chick.

You will always have my respect, honor, gratitude and friendship - you ever need to get in touch with me do not hesitate to contact me I will be there for you. If you ever happen to hit Washington you have to stop in to see Diitch and I (we are hoping to get Beck, Sakyz and Holy out here at some point in time).

Well as per usual I have written a book.

Good luck, take care, love you and stay in touch.

AKA Tee (ya no that is not the real Tee playing)

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