Looking for someone who has an IBB officer alt

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Looking for someone who has an IBB officer alt

Post by Kallur » Thu Apr 02, 2009 12:04 PM

It seems people still visit these boards despite the lack of activity judging by the number of view my last topic got so here goes...

I'm back playing again and am looking for anyone with an officer alt in the Ittie Bittie Brigade. I'd love to get the tag back over Kallur's head if anyone's still around. I checked the list of officers through EQplayers and didn't recognize any names aside from one of Cendy's alts and one that might have been one of Dygar's. I don't think either of them play anymore and haven't seen any familiar ex-Itties around so I figured posting here wouldn't hurt. Please PM me here or contact me in game if you can.

Kallur Sgoilteamaidancinn
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