Illusion: Guktan (quest info)

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Illusion: Guktan (quest info)

Post by Nadia » Thu Aug 07, 2003 5:13 PM

info about the quest at this link ... highlight=

recent post in disccusion forum
GM says that the Lguk mob is currently Broken. Apparently it will not be fixed till next patch, no ETA....
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Post by Darck Aberration » Thu Aug 07, 2003 10:37 PM

Yeah, tried 2 days in a row camping that stuff, nothing....

From the patch message:
- Illusion: Guktan is available - This is an illusion spell for the new Froglok models.
So they make the spell live but the quest to get the spell not. Not really that big of a surprise considering all the other bugs, there are several known bugs in plane of earth... eta fix is never. While they are at it they could have a trigger for ring events in the planes so that you dont do an entire 1hour+ event and end up with a PH mob that drops no loot.

Also the new Scaled Wolf illusion has bad stacking problems, doesnt stack with soe/sow or avatar from personal experience.

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Post by arias'tama » Fri Aug 08, 2003 3:56 AM

regular wolf form doesn't stack with soe/sow or avatar either, so it is natural that scaled wolf doesnt stack.

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Post by Aeudian » Mon Aug 11, 2003 6:46 PM

I had it casted on me in HoH...I was a Sexy Human Male.

It turned females into male humans and you saw Baroness or Lady turn into Baron or Sir...Was kinda funny =d
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Post by Darck Aberration » Sun Aug 17, 2003 4:20 PM

Quest is live now, but the spell is broken!


Instead of the new froglok models, you turn into a human....

The quest was also changed from test, at least changed from the quest i read to do it.

The quest starts in Gukta, talk to Master Scribe Ukla, MAKE SURE TO TALK TO HIM BEFORE STARTING THE QUEST OR IT WONT WORK, ask him about the three different pieces for his blade. He requires a Tarnished Cross-Guard, a Tarnished Pommel, and A Fused Sword Blade to make a sword...

Tarnished Cross-Guard drops from a troll in Neriak 3rd Gate (loc 1399, -1657) his name is G(something) the Small and he has a body guard. The small troll is indifferent, while the body guard is scowling, if you aggro one of them the other assists. I'm not sure if they can be split but I am assuming they are like vindi and his pet, also not pacificationable. Kill them both and an undead froglok will pop, hail him (as if he were a planar projection) and recieve the cross-guard.
The thug is weak (hits for like 80ish) and has low hps, kill him first, the named hits for like 280... both are immune to slow/snare/root and have insanely high resists, even the proc (-400 dr check) from my weapon was resisted partially and fully. Suggest you get a tank and a healer, but its not necessary Alandrea (65 druid) and I killed them pretty easy. I tried soloing them using damage shields and tanking with arcane rune, got G the Small down to 60 percent health and killed his Body guard, but ran oom then couldnt channel out a Gather Mana and he killed me :( .

Tarnished Pommel this is the easy one. Head to Rathe Mountains to location 2584, -2044 and find froglok remains (lvl 65 mob). Just say "i wish to recover what is lost" to the froglok remains and recieve the Tarnished Pommel.

Fused Sword Blade Head to LGuk and drop down the pit trap in the Lord/magus/hand hall, the gnome will rush you, he is very very weak (light blue con to 65) kill him and hail the undead froglok (planar projection) that spawns to recieve Fused Sword Blade.

Now take the 3 items (blade, pommel and cross-guard) back to Ukla in Gukta and he will hand you UKla's Distiller and ask you to combine Skyash Bile and Drake Lava Powder in it. They both drop in lavastorm mountains off the drakes there I think, the Skyash Bile is tradeable (i got mine from the bazaar) and the Drake Lava Powder is NO DROP, it dropped off the first drake i killed in lavastorm. Combine the 2 items in the distiller (no fail combine i think, or trivial >222 brewing) to make Vial of Magical Blade Restorative... hand the Blade Restorative to Ukla and recieve Marr's Retribution (no stats sword).

Take Marr's Retribution to the froglok remains in Rathe Mountains (the same mob that gave you the pommel) and hand it to him (he hands it back). Warrior Spirit Cherex pops and a battle starts between him and an undead captain. About 10 blue con troll zombies run at you they hit for around 150, they ate my rune quick, just kite them around for like 20 seconds then they despawn. Hand Marr's Retribution to Warrior Spirit Chalex to spawn Chalex the Redeemed and recieve A Spectral Memory.

Return to Gukta and hand Ukla the Spectral Memory to recieve the BROKEN spell and to spawn "the memory of Chalex."

A pretty easy quest, was fun to do, but the spell is broken..... but the quest is fixed?!

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Post by Crackercrumbsbrell » Fri Aug 22, 2003 11:28 AM

skyash bile is dropped off of skyash drakes in skyfire...I got one for the first one I killed.

The troll's name in neriakc is gribnor the small and my friend Terces split him no problem.

gnome was easy considering the quest giver said that would be the most difficult guy

Have fun fellow chanters:)

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Post by Nadia » Thu Sep 04, 2003 10:02 PM

a different quest to get the spell,
also results in a rechargeable item that any class can use

Froglok Stone
Charges: 1
Effect: Illusion Guktan (Any Slot, Casting Time: 0.0)
WT: 0.4 Size: SMALL
Class: ALL
Race: ALL except FRG


an evily aligned way of getting illusion guktan.

(In Neriak) At the top of the wizard/enc/mage guild is an enc guild master. Hail him and go through the text he'll send you to the rogue guild in neriak third gate.

You tell the rogue I need to assassinate someone. He sends you to get a mind melt + another posion + 2 ingredients. The ingredients are from a spawn in dragnor's cauldron and Sro.

He gives you a note to give to a NPC in DC and when you do and ask about the mob he wants you to kill he insta spawns it for you.

The mob in DC soloable by a time guilded wizard, only hits for 150 I think, slow too. The mob in Sro is a spider hits for over 200 and spawns tons of mini spiders easy to mez/slow/nuke etc.

After combing the ingredients + the posions in the mortar and pestle he gave you, turn in the result to him. He gives you the posion and tells you to take it back to the enc guy. At which point he gives you the stone + a mug of posioned ale.

You go to gukta give the ale to the guktan and he dies, and you loot a medal or it just appears on cursor I'm not sure. You turn in this for the spell. Stone is recharable.

The rogue in the guild is the first one to your right he's by himself.

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