Afraid of that container? (Chest info from necro boards)

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Afraid of that container? (Chest info from necro boards)

Post by Arkaron » Fri Sep 12, 2003 7:13 PM ... C_ID=22321

Has some information on chests in LDoN. Also reposted for those of you with tree, wolf, leaf, taxi, your names that don't want to register there. :D
There are 3 types of chests/boxes in the dungons:

1) Mechanical - these are boxes/chests that can be sensed by bards/rogues, disarmed using the bard/rogue disarm traps skills, and picked using the bard/rogue pick lock skill.

2) Magical - These are boxes/chests that can be sensedl/disarmed/and unlocked using the Wuggan's spell set used by Necros Mages and Enchanters. Also by the Xalirilan's spell set which can be used by Wizards.

3) Cursed - These are boxes/chests that can be sensed/disarmed/and unlocked using the Reebo's line of spells useable by Necros Mages Druids and Shamen. As well as the Iony's line of spells useable by Clerics.

So how do you know what kinda box you have got?

Here is a rundown of what you should do when you encounter a box:

The bard/rogue if you have one should Sense Traps. If the message says something like "You cannot tell if the -object- is trapped" then its either a Magical or Cursed Box and the bard/rogue should now leave it alone :P. However if he/she gets a message "You cannot sense any traps" Keep trying to sense traps until you get a "You are certain that an -object- is not trapped" Or "You sense that an -object- is trapped" If you get any of these messages the box is mechanical and should ONLY be touched by a bard/rogue.

The Cleric/Druid/Shaman/Mage/or Necro should use their Augury spell for sensing cursed traps. You target the object and try to cast your Augury spell. If you get a message "This only works on the cursed" then the box is not cursed and you can leave it alone. If you can cast the spell, find out if its trapped or not.

The Mage/Necro/Wizard/Enchanter if you have one should use their Augury spell to sense magical traps. I dont have this spell so not sure how the messages work but i assume its similar to the cursed one above. Again if you can cast the spell the box is magical and you should determine if the box is trapped or not before continuing.

Great now we know what kinda box it is, now what?

Mechanical - The bard/rogue should try to disarm the trap if the sensed one using their Disarm Traps button. If they sucessfully achieve this then they should try to pick the lock. This is tricky as we were used to picking locks using lockpicks. However this doesn't work in LDoN, you have to make a Pick Lock button similar to the Sense Traps button using the abilities menu. Have the object targeted and hit the Pick Lock button, pretty sure you still need picklocks in your inventory although they can be in a bag. If sucessful at doing this, approach the box and type /open with the box targeted. If you succeeded at everything else this should open the box, give you the "Your party gains experience" message and you can now loot the box like a corpse.

Cursed - If your Augury spell sensed a cursed trap, use your Remove cursed trap spell to remove it. This spell requires a scrying stone. These can be bought from the Magus in the wayfarer's camps. The Greater Scrying Stone is a little over 17 pp. If you sucessfully remove the trap, use your open cursed locks spell to unlock the chest. If you sucessfully unlock the chest you may approach it type /open with the chest targeted and then loot the chest like a corpse once open.

Magical - This is the same as cursed boxes except only int casters can open magical chests. Untrapping a magical chest also requires a scrying stone. Make sure you use /open to open the chest after detrapping and unlocking it with spells. Do not ever hit a chest as it can destroy whats inside.

Now you know how to open chests/boxes ect. Unfortunately there is a bug right now that may prevent some members of a group from opening a chest/box for some reason. It may give you the message "You cannot loot this corpse at this time". If this happens to you, try logging out and logging back in, this fixed the problem for me.

Good Luck and have fun in LDoN!

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Post by Crackercrumbsbrell » Sun Sep 14, 2003 8:40 AM

we had the you cannot loot this corpse at this time the other day...just wait until the box "corpse" opens up to all which it does after 2minutes and 5 seconds...rather horrible how after all it took to get the damned chest open it only had a cash loot in it

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inspect it?

Post by Gryphyn » Sun Sep 14, 2003 9:11 PM

When you /inspect the chest/box/barrel/coffin... you will get a message from it. If you read the message you get a little hint on what kind of trap it has on it. But I've been informed that even inspecting the "chest" can set of the trap sometimes, so it seems the best thing to do is have the rog/bard sense traps before anything else. After that you can try inspecting.

Interestingly was in a grou found a coffin that had a non-rog/bard trap on it, on the way out of the dungeon our suicidal tank ran up to it and attacked. When it was "dead" he looted it. It had something in it, but can't remember what. The point is the trap didn't go off, so it appears that even if it is trapped the trap might not always go off.

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Post by Conarch » Mon Sep 15, 2003 8:37 AM

I attaked 3 chests in a row that were trapped yesterday after a dungeon ended none of the traps went off i thought it was odd.

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Post by Crackercrumbsbrell » Sat Sep 20, 2003 7:48 AM

I recently was in a group with a mgician who opened a chest, costing her 35pp and change to do, and got everyone in the group 10% aa exp.

this being said I decided to drop the 180 points and buy the spells appropriate for my level, wuggan's greater spells.

only ever ran across 1 box...sensed it
"you are certain this object is trapped"
disarmed it
"you have failed to disarm the trap"
disarmed it
"you have succeeded in disarming the trap"
picked the lock
"you have successfully picked the lock"

what was inside...1%aa and 5 gold, I guess that isn't too bad considering you have a chance at getting the grand prize in my eyes...10%aa, I guess a hp augment wouldn't be too shabby either.

just wanted to share my experience with my newly aquired spells. bye

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