Conclusion of the Breezey incident

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Conclusion of the Breezey incident

Postby Relbeek Einre » Sun Nov 02, 2003 6:52 pm

So I got another call from a man claiming to be Breezey's RL boyfriend. (It may well have been Breezey.) This came from the same phone number as the first call, but this time I was here to take the call.

I had just received a PM from Breezey...

Breezey wrote:Welll ask your self this Take a look at your Bandwidth Reports from today You will see I burned you for over 1GB of Bandwidth Oh Hay, what comes around goes around. How much you paying for your site 14 bucks a month on a shared server located in Colo 4 Dallas? Well guess what your in for a ride friend Stop being a asshole and grow up. I dint call your house, my BF did. I Belive he spoke to your mom Not scared? Well if we drag your ass to CA court you will be Lets see what you have to say after this If this ends up on the board, I will set my systems to download your site 24/7 till it gets closed down due to over limit Bandwidth . Still dont belive me? Before you reply , take a look at the spike for the 30min i was connected to your server. I can push over 20GB (your plan your on now) in only a few short hours GL to you

TO show you I am not messing around, look at your BW repot now too started another pull form your website wow download starting now

Smileys removed. They were all over.

Anyway, so we have an IP traceable confession from Breezey that they were net-attacking Brell Rants. Sweet.

And this guy threatens to sue me. When asked on what grounds, he said he didn't need any, he can sue me for no reason whatsoever. Awesome.

Amongst his other threats:

* By suing me, he can force me to pay for a trip to Sacramento to respond.
* To contact our webhost and get the server shut down.
* To contact Sony Online Entertainment about this board.
* To continue to pound the bandwidth of my server.

My response to him was thus.
* Please sue me. Since you just admitted it was a harassing lawsuit, I can countersue (or simply move for dismissal and for recoup of costs from him). Oh and by the way, I can respond to the suit by mail.
* You're a retard.
* Your stupid bitch girlfriend, assuming it isn't you, just admitted to malicious attacks on my server. That's both actionable and illegal. I can have her arrested AND sued.
* You're stupider than Rsak.
* Even if you could get racknine to shut us down, I could be up on a less easliy intimidated ISP in 24 hours.
* Please, please sue me. It'll spare me the trouble of tracing your phone number to identify you.
* You're stupider than I thought Breezey ever could be.
* I'm friends with SoE employees, including those who still work on EQ. Plus, what could they do?
* I'm begging you, please sue me.
* If Rsak and Breezey (assuming she is a girl) had a lovechild that had the stupidest of their chromosome combination possible, and Breezey smoked crack and drank Tequiza throughout the pregnancy, the resulting bologna loaf would still not be as stupid as you.
* By the way I have your phone number and your IP address. Neither of which is illegal to post on, say, a Usenet EFF-friendly newsgroup.
* You're stupider than Fenye after a thorough beating with the stupid stick.

He backed down with a wussy "Well, okay, we've established I can cause you trouble, you can cause me trouble."

I reiterated, "No, I have you over a barrel. You can't touch me."

He agreed to halt the bandwidth-pounding and not sue at that point... provided I don't post the contents of the conversation.

I asked brightly, "If I post the details of the conversation, you'll sue then? Please?"

I got a definite maybe.


Moral of the story: Don't fuck with someone who knows more about the law than you do.
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Postby Relbeek Einre » Sun Nov 02, 2003 7:06 pm

Oh, BreezeyAndGnomore, if you want to save me the headache, could you please PM me with the buyer's contact information just incase the bandwidth smashing continues, just so I don't have to go through the headache of tracing this phone back to its source?
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Postby Apocnec » Sun Nov 02, 2003 7:22 pm

Could this get any better?
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Postby darksyn » Sun Nov 02, 2003 7:29 pm

This is why I still come to rants :twisted:
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Postby emg500 » Sun Nov 02, 2003 7:35 pm

And I thought the rants were getting stale.
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Postby ZanypherCocoapuffs » Sun Nov 02, 2003 8:27 pm

As entertaining as this is, is it really necessary to share all of this with us? Just makes you look a bit petty.

"Yeah watch me ridicule you in public!"

/shrug... yeah its funny, but c'mon.
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Postby Partha » Sun Nov 02, 2003 9:04 pm

It's merely just desserts, like when someone verbally abuses the employee at a McDonalds and then wonders why their BLT tastes funny.
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Postby OMG ICKHOR » Sun Nov 02, 2003 9:04 pm


anyone have it? :/
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Postby OMG ICKHOR » Sun Nov 02, 2003 9:16 pm

I submit that I believe in a few weeks breezey will lead a raid and ninja loot a high end item from it ( cough cloak of flames ) and then weeks later his mom will post that he committed suicide because of us.

history repeats itself.
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Postby Harlowe » Sun Nov 02, 2003 9:17 pm

Most of you probably missed what Breezey/Wizard did this morning - they spammed the board with numerous posts just filled with "CLOSERANTBOARD", posted Beeker's real life info and tossed around threats.

I'm glad he gave us an update, if you don't care, don't read it.
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Postby Teglail » Sun Nov 02, 2003 9:23 pm

I didn't think anyone could really be that stupid im in complete awe...nothing else to say. :shock:
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Postby Iloll the Bard » Sun Nov 02, 2003 9:36 pm

Oh wow, this is awesome.

Before I was sufficiently informed on the whole "Breezy Incident" I assumed he was just another less-than-intelligent person. I'm ashamed for ever having given him the benfit of doubt. :oops:

Is it possible that the rant boards is being graced by the presence of the most unintelligent (read Omfg most stupidest) person alive?

Someone call GU comics.
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Postby Tremlik » Sun Nov 02, 2003 9:45 pm

I hope you got the IP of the person that was DoS'ing you and reported it to their ISP. Their account can easily be shut down.
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Postby Relbeek Einre » Sun Nov 02, 2003 9:56 pm

Technically speaking, it's not a DOS - it's intended to drive up bandwidth costs, not render the server inaccessible.

Mr. Breezey'sboyfriendbutpossiblybreezey knows the score. The bandwidth slamming ends... no more shit from him, no more trouble from him or his ho - and I don't start taking action to thoroughly inconvenience their lives and enrich myself in the process. :)
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Postby Apocnec » Sun Nov 02, 2003 10:03 pm

The thread definitely needs to be thrown in the Hall of Flame. Breezey's different personalities and styles of stepping on... uh... her dick, made me laugh so hard I cried.
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Postby Fobbon Lazyfoot » Sun Nov 02, 2003 10:48 pm

I'm suprised you had that much patience Beek. I would have hung up on him after the first ten words.
I like posting.
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Postby Saevrok » Sun Nov 02, 2003 10:56 pm

Dont say it much, but damn beek. Thats some solid ownage....
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Postby Tiatiah » Sun Nov 02, 2003 11:05 pm

I feel left out. Can one of my personalities call and threaten to sue Beeker too???

/spank Beeker
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Postby Awea » Sun Nov 02, 2003 11:25 pm

If not you can always call me /purr

Nice ownage Beek, I still think you should make them toss you some cash if they significantly raised the price for this month of service.
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Postby Vladire » Sun Nov 02, 2003 11:38 pm

add him to hosts.deny
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