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Postby Soulwalker » Mon Dec 29, 2003 10:07 pm

-=Xilanthanax=- wrote:
Soulwalker wrote:I agree Xil its lame as hell but watch it go to like 10+ pages.

Almost there bro. :P

Can I call that shit or what?
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Postby shlim » Mon Dec 29, 2003 10:18 pm


OK well i was kinda enjoying watching this thread and even sapfucks longwinded blowhard bullshit........ but when she decided to bring up tarzzan again to try to rub it in peoples faces i decided to post once again...
SAPFUCK you maggot infested desease ridden piece of slimey C. U. N. T. let me refresh your memory on why most of us consider you pondscum.... you stuck your cuntface into someone's thread with absolutly NO thought how it might affect people who were greiveing.... So it turned out you were right and tarzzan fucked over people with his little prank..
It still doesnt change the fact that you hurt many people with your cold cuntfaced bitch nosey self.
The sad thing is if it would have turned out to be true about tarz .... your cuntface would have NEVER come back to the boards to say you were sorry for hurting people that you never met.
So you are and will always be the lowest form of cunt to ever crawl your snailridden ass through the world...

ps. still itching to meet you and subtitty some day.......

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Postby Daemonwind » Mon Dec 29, 2003 11:18 pm

Nazku: It's all good. I figured soemthing like tha tmight be the case.
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Postby saphdia » Mon Dec 29, 2003 11:26 pm

Shlim you stilll can't accept the fact that you were wrong about leezh. You hated me so much that I told the story of how leezh was in our guild, which frankly should not have bothered you as it was my experience with him, not yours....and that you found out I was sooo right and boy did you get even madder because you looked like a retard with your posts. You are yet another that can't place blame where it needs to lay. Just for fun, kicks, and many giggles, I followed leezh to atleast 2 servers he xferred to and read their guild boards and boards. That guy was ranted on both servers as well due to taking advantage of their guilds and pulling the sick/death routine. Believe me, those guilds didn't even bother to stick up for his name like you did. You'd have been laughed at hysterically if you stood up for him like you did here knowing what he did. So that sorta tells me you are not on the norm track ya know? It must suck to be so gullible and so hung up on your little buddy. Just because I happen to find humor in the fact that he pulled a stint here, big fucking deal. I'd say that is your mental issue, not mine just because I found it amusing. Maybe you need to get some therapy if you can not get over what he did. I'm not mad about the situation....the situation makes me laugh. Every time I recall the situation and how it was handled I can't stop smiling. One thing I did find amusing, it told me that you actually read my fucking posts which is more than I can say for myself reading yours. I look at your name on our posts and skim and see the word tarzzan and I instantly start laughing because I do not need to read the rest rofl. I already know your mental hangup on it.

OH, btw, any more *phantom* applications to your guild by the supposedly resurrected tarzzan aka leezh?

I think in short ppl can skip 9 pages and just come to this post and just know that baginns and leland were owned. Was there any doubt? There, saves you atleast 2 hours of reading.

/laughs at Lonebear too true :)

Nazku is correct. Baginns claims to have been there for NTOV raids...umm..he came to one maybe two ntov raids. Both times he could NOT heal due to the fact he wanted to keep his faction. I might be able to be persuaded that he came to 3 ntov raids..but considering we only did ntov like 5 times...and he couldn't heal for them, ahhh yah he wasn't there for much. We didn't do ntov much because most of us had st gear and really ntov dropped not much good stuff for us per the time we put in. After the ntov part of our guild, he rarely came on another raid. Umm..that was a fucking long time ago for ppl to be missing him. And he wonders why the new ppl had no fucking clue about him really rofl.

One last thing about baginns, I find it amusing how he "tried" to get out all the facts about how bad saph was because saph was going to bring out all the history, yet he missed key pieces of info on how he had started many issues that eventually led up to all the hard feelings that he tried so eloquently to display..failed though. He also neglected to tell ppl that the ft1 earring stuff was for his g/f in another guild I noticed..hehe..and tried to make it out like it was for him. I mean does anyone see it anywhere in his first post since that was suppose to be totally honest about everything? LOL. Baginns always had a problem with the truth. I never really knew if he was like that on purpose or not..but it was found early on that getting truth from him was usually very distorted. Who knows, maybe he has a mental condition that prevents him from recalling events correctly or maybe his mind is just that immature that he really had no clue about things. Whatever it is, he's proven it here that his facts as he calls them are majorly distorted if not down right wrong.

Myrlena, I already stopped reading partha's posts after it was very apparent she could not even look at the facts. I mean 5 posts would be from various people answering her exact same questions yet she kept posting them like a mentally challenged retard. I mean she hasn't even killed jack shit in ssra let alone VT yet she all of a sudden knows how loot should be handled in a guild, she does not know how often loot drops, how often we go for the mobs, how often we have seen the hammer, how often we have seen the gloves, how vt works, that we take rests from pulling UNTIL loot is rolled so no one should be so BUSY they can't get in on rolls or understand them....yah I'd say she is an ignorant fuck. That would be much like me commenting on how SR handles shit in elementals and above. Just kinda stupid for me to be commenting on an area of raiding that I particularly have no clue about. Of course partha will argue that "it doesn't matter"..oh but it does and that is where she is ignorant..many things partha has said are ignorant because OMG she wasn't fucking there? Why can't ppl admit they juts weren't there and do not know wtf they are talking about? Hers is just plain ego as well as the fact that leland is her buddy. She refuses to believe it because she wants to believe that there is no difference between how we are and how divine aura is. She looks the fool as leland has admitted privately to several of his "friends" in soh that he does understand what went on and regrets he handled it the way he did.

Want a towel to wipe the egg off your face there partha? It must suck knowing you are sticking up for someone that is HOPELESS, that with each guildmate coming forward pounds leland's nails into his coffin even more. Oh wait, I forgot lelands' line of defense, ppl are afraid of me so they feel they can't post the real feelings here. I doubt he really regrets jack...but I do believe he is telling others a different story than he is telling on this board and his outside *friends*. It's ok, he isn't getting much support from SOH and feels the only way to get it is here. If it helps him think he has to have it to heal...more power to him.

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Postby Burz » Mon Dec 29, 2003 11:31 pm

Both times he could NOT heal due to the fact he wanted to keep his faction.

Healing doesn't mess with faction hits. Only if you directly harm the npc or it melees you (ae's do not count either) do you obtain/lose faction.
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Postby saphdia » Mon Dec 29, 2003 11:36 pm

I found from person experience for that to be flakey actually burz, in Kael. Sometimes I did get faction hits and other times I did not from healing. I do remember if we wanted solid faction hits every time, we were to use offensive spells or a melee hit but not sure it's entirely correct that you "never" get faction hits for healing. It's been so long since I've given a fuck about velious faction that I really don't remember what i found out way back when specifically but the above is what I recalled.

At any rate, burz...whether it be true or not, is really irrelevant. Fact is, that was his reasoning and we left him alone. So he did not really *do* anything in ntov nor did he have the want to even be there.

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Postby Arethro » Mon Dec 29, 2003 11:38 pm

Was Leezh a lizzy necro?
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Postby zzash » Mon Dec 29, 2003 11:39 pm

That is a ridiculous comparison. The comparison would have to involve the worker being simply locked out and not allowed back in the company -

I did a google search for 'employees locked out with no reason' and got 237,000 raw hits. Some real life happenings prove my point exactly.
1) A friend who is a freight handle and is union. Twice in the last few years he has come to work only to find the doors locked and no reason posted. Later he learned why by watching the local news. Granted he knew it was coming since they were working with no contract. I can name another dozen instances of this also.
2) Consolidated Freightways was a large trucking outfit here in town. One day the employees came to work and found locked doors. The next monday the news broke out that the company was shut down.
3) An eq and rl friend worked for Enron. He tells of going to work and finding the doors locked and a police barricade up.
In each case, folks did not know why they were locked out until later. Leland found out later. I am not saying this is the polite way of doing things, only that it does happen a lot.

I'll point out that even according to logs, he did not go in on the gloves until it went open, hell he didn't go in on it until directly asked.
Not exactly Daemonwind please read further.

Subtle tells him to loot something.
He loots it.
He is booted for looting it because 'the guildleaders felt he broke the rules and the spirit in which they were intended to be used'.
You see a logical contradiction?

No I do not. Of course, since this is taken out of context and several key lines removed it damns the guildleader. Lets see what happens when we add them back into the entire text.
Partha repeatedly and now Kulane keep trying to state that he had a right to the item because the roller at the time awarded it to him...

Let me try this again then. Use your fingers to count if you must.
Rule one on the items with tradeskill mods: You are only allowed to have 1 of these until everyone who ever wants in the guild gets. Period.
Rule two: The items with tradeskill mods will be rolled to highest level tradeskillers first then will drop down until people are able to enter the channel.
Understand so far? It means those who work hard in tradeskills get first shot at the item. The upgrade is trivial in comparison. Why do we do this? Check the rules, they have been in place for what a year now? This rule is talked about by the normal loot roller each time the item drops.

17:41:30 Subtle tells raid:1, join channel for gloves, must have 188+ blacksmithing
17:42:00 same
17:42:02 same
17:42:13 same
No one is in channel because no one except Leland has 188+ on this raid.

17:42:38 Lelandpain tells the raid:1, 'I hit 230 blacksmithing today /flex'

17:42:48 Subtle tells raid:1, join channel for gloves, must have 150+ blacksmithing
17:42:54 same
folks are pouring into channel now...
17:43:09 Subtle tells raid:1, join channel for gloves, AS LISTED
17:43:13 Subtle tells raid:1, join channel for gloves, AS LISTED
more folks pour in channel i am in there now
17:44:23 Subtle tells raid:1, ok sorry, Leland has bs high enough
17:45:07 Bakum tells raid:1, leland has ssra blacksmithing item no?
17:45:07 Subtle tells raid:1, grats leland on the gloves, only person with high enough skill
17:45:23 --Lelanpain has looted a Gauntlets of Dark Embers.--

Leland tells the entire guild that his skill meets the requirements. He fails to tell the guild he has the other bs mod item in the game. He misrepresents himself to the entire guild and cheats all of his friends plain and simple.

Please let me state once more, Leland says he meets the highest requirement for the gloves. He wins by default because of that fact. But he forgets to mention that he is disqualified from winning because the other half of that same requirement states that you cannot win if you already have a bs mod item.

He lied to the entire guild and thats all there is to it.
This flame would have ended on page2 if I had posted this then...
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Postby foeham » Mon Dec 29, 2003 11:43 pm

you know what saphdia , grab subtles dick and keep your hands of the key board .
then most will be happy.
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Postby Buffys » Tue Dec 30, 2003 12:18 am

Arethro: yes, Leezh was a necro. You might remember him as Jippo (a paladin) back when you were guilded with us when you were playing Blackbishop. He later made a BL named Tarzzan (not positive on the spelling)

It's a real long story but to sum up what happened, he was booted from SOH for his loot-centered and selfish behavior. He joined Zenith and later Enshadowed (as his BL). He then faked his own death in a car racing accident--and presumably got his kicks reading all the sympathetic posts--but in actuality transferred to other servers..only to run into the same problems he had before.

There's way more to it than that, but it's not worth going into.
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Postby shlim » Tue Dec 30, 2003 12:20 am


Oh yeah sapfuck i forgot to say YOUR A CUNT!! oh wait i did say that.....hahahahahahahohohohohoh hehehehehehehe (runs off in his mental state)

PS. after you type for so long do you get hungry and eat the maggots off your bloated fat cunt self??

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Postby Daemonwind » Tue Dec 30, 2003 1:02 am

He didn't lie about anything. At all.

While it looks fishy that he would mention tradeskills at that point... (if indeed he did say that, logs are notoriously easy to fake, and heavily edited logs like these, even more so)... that aside, for the moment I'll treat is as fact.

He's not in the channel for the gloves at that point either, when it was open for the 188+ skill, so as to get them for default for himself. After all he had had ample time by that point to go in for them if he had wanted them... over a minute and a half. If he had REALLY been in it juist for that, he coulda pulle da fast one of sending a quiick tell right at the beginnning and gotten the gloves by default and looted before anyone even knew what was going on.

no, if you're going to try to make like Leland is this super evil and greedy looter who's only in it for himself, you're gonna have to come up with far more incontrovertible evidencce than THAT, which really doesn't prove anything.
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Postby Daemonwind » Tue Dec 30, 2003 1:11 am

in addition, the bashing and slamming of Leland for everything that was said and done in this entire isue, while simultaneously not even so much as acknowledging Subtle's role in it (whic his arguably just as large as Leland's) makes it really appear that you're only interested in tar and feathering Leland over it. Just like you'd ignore Leland's role in it if you were interested in crucifying Subtle for what he did, if you felt he was, say, abusing his position as loot leader to get his friends loot.
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Postby Soulwalker » Tue Dec 30, 2003 2:47 am

I honestly dont get what the fuck is so hard to understand. The Guild leadership felt he broke the rules. They have had numerous problems with him in the past, be it personality or raiding etc... He was let go. I honestly dont see the huge deal everyone is making out of this.
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Postby Amalia Kuso » Tue Dec 30, 2003 2:59 am

Lelandpain apply to Enshadowed. At Enshadowed we know drama!

Their officers create their own, thus being one of the truest lines I have ever heard from a member.
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Postby ZyamSpirit » Tue Dec 30, 2003 3:23 am

Saph.. as muchas you do to make yourself seem like a complete moron I know you have common sense. Its obvious who calls the shots In Soh wether directly or indirectly. Why come here and act like you have no integrity whatsoever?

The only reason we probably didn't have more loot "issues" with you is because you came in our guild at the ssra and vt level and most everything was an upgrade.

Is this a Lie or do you not know who was in your guild when? Im not even a SoH member and i know Lelandpain was in SoH when you guys were still raiding Sleepers tomb.

MANY ppl still wanted the gloves

Then why would the loot master keep reducing the specifications to be able to enter in the lotto?. 188 smithing-150 smithing-open. Why didnt he just roll the gloves between who was in the channel if there were others waiting? Would him dropping specifications for the roll indicate there were no people in the channel to roll ? or was that his error all along?

Zyam, if you think leland is such a prize, please guild him /snicker

Dont worry there is nothing you can do with this washed up scenario to hurt Lelandpains ability to guild elsewhere. Nobody is stupid here, Its easy to see your intention of this in numerous attempts at reverse psychology

Take him into your own guild..seriously

Attempt #2

I highly suggest sojo take this poor lad in.

Pretty please?



#3 ... Its getting obvious now...

I'm serious..let him into Sojo...I probably can offer 50k for your troubles LOL.

#4 Well look who SCREWED the pooch ... again

Now how about putting your money where your mouth is and get him guilded with you so he is no longer homeless. I'm really serious about this and I believe you should also make sure to tag your name to him fully backing him.

#5 you seem to be awful concerned about him guilding elswhere to not give adamn about what he does now.

Our folks are very well behaved on loot, leland was not, therefore he is cut loose.

m sure loot was the reason Leland was cut /sarcasim off

leland finally got ignored by subtle because how many fucking hours is he suppose to devote to you to tell you that you no longer fit the guild's view?

so Cut for loot or because of your.. excuse me "The Guilds View"

and involving the other fella cut a while ago.
I told Subtle that I would think about it and get back to him.

This was not left up to you. It was a request for you to comply. You were busy raiding with your other guild - legions of the chosen...I saw no reason for you to stay guilded in our guild as you did nothing with us for 8 or so months.

Why would YOU Saph be making decisions on who to cut etc when from his post you were not an officer nor lguild leader at this time?

Leland is right when he says that there are plenty of people in Sphere who cant stand Saph, but sadly you have to put up with her, she isn't going anywhere.

This is a lie. Nice try baggins but over half the guild has no idea who you are lol. Yes, you are THAT far behind. You are so far behind that you do not even realize this transformation happened.

Im 100% sure if there are people in SoH who just cant stand you and have remained quiet because of their respect for their friends and the guild itself You certainly whould know who they are. /sarcasim off

I told him that I wished he was more like you and you guys know what true support is.

Out of your own mouth.... after trying to smash his integrity... hand in the cookie jar

Amalia Kuso wrote:
Lelandpain apply to Enshadowed. At Enshadowed we know drama!

Their officers create their own, thus being one of the truest lines I have ever heard from a member.

Anyone else find this ironic comming from Amalia?

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Postby Barrin » Tue Dec 30, 2003 3:45 am

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Postby myrlena devilicious » Tue Dec 30, 2003 3:59 am


Lol I hope your joking with my 3 quotes that all say the same exact thing. Thats hilarious.
Each one says tradeskill , tradeskill , tradeskill first? Since I do work in a bar, and that has been brought up in this thread.. I can understand and normally speak back "idiot" to someone, but you just dont seem to get it. Let me help you.

When I say open, I didnt think id have to s..p..e......l....l it out for you dumb fucks, its open to all levels of BS. (uh, that means blacksmithing sweety)

Idiot proof translation: Goes to tradeskillers first, I dont care if you have a smithing level of 15.

3 Items in this game, 2 smithing and 1 tailoring, that have modifiers WILL NEVER go to just anyone that can just cawu.

Idiot proof translation: Goes to tradeskillers first, Cawu = a person just rolling for the stats and letting the modifier be wasted. Period.

We ALL agreed to making the gloves and hammer go to tradeskillers first.

Idiot Proof translation: Did I mention? GOES TO TRADESKILLERS FIRST?

Go crawl back under your rock.
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Postby Optimus » Tue Dec 30, 2003 4:10 am

Megatron sucks and likes to take it in the ass from Starscream... and Astrotrain.
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Postby Arethro » Tue Dec 30, 2003 4:22 am

Thanks Buffys for the info, and that is REALLY sad that he would do that.
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