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Post by Tiatiah » Mon Dec 29, 2003 2:05 pm

And Tia, now you see what we saw , and have the same questions we did.
I always saw what you saw. I believe I was the first one to call bullshit on his explanation.
As for the gloves, I stated already that I didn't know that the reason I won the gloves was due to my smithing skills.
So clarify please since you are again posting on this thread after you said you were done posting...did you log into the channel and not mention your skill of 188+? From other people's accounts somehow it made it to the channel that your smithing skill was 188+. Wait I forgot, you weren't paying attention to the channel so you wouldn't know that this was brought up in the channel. You also weren't paying attention to guild chat since it was mentioned in guildchat by Subtle you had a skill of 188+. And you weren't paying attention to raid chat since it was brought out 16 seconds before you looted that you already had the hammer. we have a good shaman on a raid that only pays attention to what the loot channel is going to be and tells asking for buffs or asking if you want to be in on a roll. /sarcasm on I can't imagine why Saph is claiming you are a sucky raider. /sarcasm off
But I didn't know others were in for it till after I already looted.
I didn't know there were others in the channel till the channel was lit up with congrats messages.
So nobody said congrats until after you looted the gloves?

And I still call bullshit on the not knowing anyone was in the channel. I refuse to believe that someone will log into a channel and forget about it until they magically see the congrats you won message. Send me the logs so I can be absolutely amazed by the fact that you are the first one to do so.


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Post by Redspine Bladeslinge » Mon Dec 29, 2003 2:11 pm

The Tampax and Canada bashing were a far more enjoyable part of this thread........
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Post by saphdia » Mon Dec 29, 2003 2:17 pm

Actually if we get tails in here and leezh to rise from the dead again ROFL...and make some appearance here....

This will be a complete rant ya know.

Oh let's not forget the sohfree board. It's too bad they had to go underground to hide their lies.



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Post by BurglecuttTruespirit » Mon Dec 29, 2003 2:20 pm

<3 tia

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Post by foeham » Mon Dec 29, 2003 2:33 pm

mutiny is your friend , hang the guild leader and his bitch .
then you will feel free and happy.

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Post by Dost » Mon Dec 29, 2003 2:36 pm

/wave jezeran

grats on 65 :)

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Post by saphdia » Mon Dec 29, 2003 2:47 pm sohfree just registered.

Can I call it or what?


I'm afraid I'm going to have to start charging you folks for admission.


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Post by saphdia » Mon Dec 29, 2003 2:48 pm

Actually someone else pointed me out the soh free guys' registration. Just found it amusing hehe.

Baginns maybe you just might have someone post on your side....of course his credibility is down the shitter ..ya think?


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Post by Kefta Bil'Beera » Mon Dec 29, 2003 3:08 pm

Wow... what a mess this seems to be huh?

Now I never post in this place. I feel it is a waste of effort putting so much time into berating people you only know in a game. I mean come on! Look at this thread! All started by a simple post. LOL

But my guild's name has come up and my guildmate's honor has been questioned.

I don't know most of you who have posted here. Hell I only know a few of you by name only!

I just wanted to clarify that Baggins never raided with LoC until after his dismissal from SoH.
He grouped with some of our guild in adventures a few times but that was about it.
The only "raid" he and LoC were on together was the Fear raid he orginized for his epic piece. We just offered what help we could.

Both he and his GF are nice people. I have never had a problem with them or any of you.

What's done is done. Those who can't get along should just go their own ways and ignore the other person. I say this to Baggins as well as anyone else.

Thank you for your time. I hope to never post in these forums again. :) Just not my style nor is it my desire to prey upon the berating of others.

May you all find peace and happiness in your lives.

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Post by saphdia » Mon Dec 29, 2003 3:17 pm

What's done is done. Those who can't get along should just go their own ways and ignore the other person. I say this to Baggins as well as anyone else.
I agree totally baginns should not have brought it here. I sure the hell would not have brought it here. But it is his vindicitive nature to do so.

While he may not have fully raided with you, I do know his time was spent with you over us..especially during our raid times. Several times he asked for our help to help your guild out.

Do I have a problem with that? Only if he's trying to collect stuff from our guildbank to give to his girlfriend in your guild and trying to syphon our resources away from our raiding schedule to help you folks. Done under some nicer terms, we'd have been more than happy to help anyone out.

We felt it best he just join you and formally be under your tag.

I, personally, am very happy at this arrangement. He apparently is still not or he'd not have come here as I sure didn't bring him up.



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Post by Kefta Bil'Beera » Mon Dec 29, 2003 3:30 pm

saphdia wrote: I, personally, am very happy at this arrangement. He apparently is still not or he'd not have come here as I sure didn't bring him up.
We are at an agreement. It is fortunate that he came to LoC. He seems happy with us and we are happy to have him.

He may still be sad because after a time a guild becomes a family. It is always hard to leave your family.

I just ask that out of a mutual respect for everyone that he be left out of any more discussions and I ask him to stay out as well. I feel this is fair to both sides. Would you not agree?

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Post by Baginns Hobbiton » Mon Dec 29, 2003 3:40 pm

Hey there,

Ahhh, there's the post from Saph I was expecting. I did move on, I sucked it up and kept going. Lelandpain posted what happened to him, and it was so similar to my own situation that I was compelled to post, even if it just shows a pattern of behavior. I never begged for help for alts. I asked for help with the Earring, and had I been told no, instead sure, I would have dropped it. I also asked if a bored chanter could help me out. Thats 2 incidents, that I have been completly honest about. Do those constitute me "begging for help"? Maybe you're right, but noone said anything to me about it untill Araden mentioned it.

No, I didnt lie. Subtle would not talk to me to explain why I had been booted. The PM you sent was before I had my access removed and my characters deguilded.

This was the reply I got to my PM asking why the fear post got deleted.
Well to be honest, I deleted it. I think it is really tacky to be looking for help when you basically ditched the guild and do not contribute in anyway. As far as I am concerned, you either want to be part of the guild or not. If the answer is no, then maybe you should move on. If you want to be part of the guild, you need to show it. I realize you want to help your girlfriend level and all, but I it is not fair to ask people to help you when you never help them.

This was my reply.

I can see your reasoning there. Though I disagree on some points. Yes, I want to be part of the guild. I'v always been in Sphere, if you count Order of Wisdom, which was mostly us, it was my first guild. Its my home. Yes, I took a break, and I'm leveling up my Enchanter. I'm having fun and spending time with my GF and helping her level up. Since Bags stopped raiding, I have asked for help with one thing. And that was to see if a Guild Enchanter could possibly help with Fear tonight if they were not busy. I dont see a problem with asking my guild for help, I didnt guilt anyone into it, simply a request for someone that was bored. I also made it very clear that I didnt expect anything and that I know the raiding schedule was tight, and that people should not worry if they could not help. As for not helping them, I dont see how you could possibly say that. Untill my recent break, I'v helped this guild from raiding Unrest to Ssra Temple. I would rarly miss a raid, you know that. I'v helped on countless people's Quest, Epics, Items, you name it. Thats nothing special though, because everyone does that. I dont think the last 3 years of helping Sphere means that anyone owes me anything, but I do however, take offence to being told that I never helped them.

Just because I havnt raided for a couple of months, its tacky for me to ask my fellow guildmates for assistance on an Epic mob? I guess we just disagree on this one, so I'll refrain from posting any more request for help untill I'm an active raider again.

We both know that leadership and I have had our disuptes, but I also think you know that I always did what I thought was best for the guild. I may be vocal about my opinion, but its only because I care. I'v done my best to stay out of your and Saph's hair. Maby I'v kept myself too far away from things, if my place in the guild is being questioned. I'll be raiding again when Emily gets up in level, if I'm welcome, all I'm asking is for a little patience with me untill I get back into things.
Then I got this.
Techincally you havent been really around for at least 6 months, (We killed emp in july, and you were not around for a few months before that). Guilds go through alot of changes, we have advanced quite a bit since then. This is not a question of the past, it is a question of the future. Do you realize, there is quite a few ppl in the guild that have no idea who you even are?

Lets look at another example, Sassas wanted to come back. He had done alot for the guild before he left.. but he left on very wierd circumstances and when he came back there was no resolution and he showed rather quickly his ability to cause trouble, rather than be happy.

Anyways the point I am making is you have not been around the guild for at least 6 months. The few times you have been around, you acted like an ass to saph and then nicey nice to me. I am pretty sick of it. One of the biggest things that detract from a close guild atmosphere, are the ppl that you never see unless they are asking for something. Most people in the guild see that very thing from you. It isnt about how you were a year ago, it is about how yuo are now. I can guarantee you, if I changed how I ran the guild in any tiny way, people ignore all the good I have done and bitch at me for that one decision. It is just a fact of life. There are some things people do that are just unforgivable. I tried to give you a chance to apologize to saph, but I dont think you ever gave her a sinciere apology.. ever.

Now, there also comes a point in a guild's advancement where people come to resent people that skipped out all the work that went into it all, just to reap the benefits. Many people put in countless hours to get to VT, they will put in countless more to get to Elementals, and it sucks to see someone jump on the bandwagon and reap the benefits.

You may think I am being a hardass here, but I really think you would be better off with your girlfriend's guild atm. I just dont see the point in staying in a guild you rarely interact with. I can see the resentment growing from people from it as well. There is no point in a guild if you do not take part in it. So therefore I think it would be better for everyone if you just left SOH, and played with people you have fun playing with.

My reply was short.
Ok, little shocked....... I'll think about it and get back to you.
He didnt tell me I was being deguilded, he asked a long standing member to leave. I told him I would think about it. It was very hard on me, as Sphere had always been my home, but I actually was going to deguild and leave anyway since he did have a point, the guild had changed, I didnt know a lot of the new members, the old Sphere that I knew and loved had died. What pisses me off is that I was never given the chance. They just dumped me, and cited that they thought it would be better. After he deguilded me, he wouldnt explain why. I was just ignored.


You were busy raiding with your other guild - legions of the chosen
Thats strange. "Raiding with" infers that I did a lot of it. They decided that they would help me in Fear (as well as get some items for thier guild) and I decided to go on that. I grouped with thier members some, but that was in pickup groups for leveling, and obviousally I'm gonna be wherever the GF is. Also, I invited Sphere members to my groups whenever one was looking. It didnt happen often though because they were very busy and much higher level, but I grouped with alts here and there when they were looking for a place to group.
Let's not discuss the fact that we caught an alt of yours guilded with an ex leader of soh
That was someone else, not me. If I need to name a name and jog your memory, thats fine. I'll send you a PM, I dont want to drag her into this.
LOL then where did your loyalties lay? Not with me LOL.
You're damn right my loyalties are not with you, and its a big reason I got deguilded, in my opinion at least. I loved Sphere, I did all I could for that guild. You know what I think of you, as I know what you think of me. Neither of us hid it much. If Subtle or Faol (back when she was co-leader) asked me to do something, I did it.
There was also the time that you kept going on and on about how you were going to retire yet you rolled on the tormax boots. Those were the only tormax boots that the guild had seen and we were I believe starting ST at that time. I think it was what, 2 days later you retired? That is when you stopped doing all sorts of stuff with the guild. Say what you want but others are the ones who remembered that one for me.
It probably was when we were starting ST. I spent weeks on faction and I finally got it and got the boots. I didnt hide the fact that I got them, people knew, was I supposed to make a post saying I completed the task? Also, it was around Ssra and emperor that I took my break. I helped the guild through ST, I was at almost every ST raid. I have the FT1 shield from there that I can link if you dont believe me. I had those boots well before I retired. At least a month, if not more, I dont remember exactly, it was long ago.
One's natural reaction to myrlena if they heard such a thing about the boot discrepancy is that you would have either confronted her or you would have posted that you got your boots done..
Couldnt Myrlena ask me what happened to the boots instead of going behind my back and bitching about it? Or is there another double standard?

Yes, the boots can be turned in for other items. I won them, and completed the quest before I thought I was going to retire. Moot Point. Most of the other healers had FT3 boots that the guild bought them. I never got this luxary, though I never bitched about it either, just something I notice looking back. (FT3 boots were handed out before I got my boots, FYI) I just took it in stride though, I dont care about loot.
No one ever told you that real life shouldn't go over eq..however, you were online a ton of times when your g/f was not...and you never helped on hardly any of the camps or when we needed a druid.
I dont remember anyone saying anything about needing a Druid or more healers in guildchat, nor did I ever get any tells. If I had, I would have gone and helped out. Ohhh, and actually, I was rarly, if ever on, if she was not.
You skipped out on SOME raids? We are talking 8 or so MONTHS on end. There comes time when you've skipped out on too much. Things would have been ok probably if your attitude had been a bit better.
I didnt know there was a Raid recquirement when I joined SoH. Has something changed? I never saw it posted. People went on breaks and did this and that all the time. Its a family guild, right? Dont you mean, things would have been ok probably if you didnt have a personal problem with me?
We were never clear wtf you were doing. All we knew is for almost year you bailed on us and said nothing to most of us about it. This still doesn't change anything. You could have raided and helped us with your druid as we needed it many times on raids
You never asked wtf I was doing. And you never let me know you needed a druid on raids. There were plenty of healers, you seemed fine. If I had known otherwise or been asked, I would have helped, regardless of what I had planned for the night.
Yes I did do the right thing. I think deep down you knew it. If good intentions go a long way with you, i'd never have known it by your treatment to me
You always think you do the right thing. Rightous Saph always knows right, and is never in the wrong. My treatment of you was much, much better than your treatment of others. Just look on this Rants board for that. Ohhh, I'm sorry, I forgot you dont treat that "trash" like human beings.
Leland is right when he says that there are plenty of people in Sphere who cant stand Saph, but sadly you have to put up with her, she isn't going anywhere.
This is a lie. Nice try baggins but over half the guild has no idea who you are lol. Yes, you are THAT far behind. You are so far behind that you do not even realize this transformation happened.
Sure, a lot of the people I knew and loved have either retired, or have been booted. Its not a lie, and how would you know either way.
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Post by Baginns Hobbiton » Mon Dec 29, 2003 3:43 pm

Hey there,

Just read the other post. Yes, I am happy in my new home. In respect for LoC and Kefta personally, I will drop out of this and post nothing more. Anyone who knows me, knows my character. I have no need to defend it here. Also, its pretty easy to see what Saph is capable of. With that, I will withdrawl from the discussion.

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Post by pen » Mon Dec 29, 2003 3:48 pm

Wow - I wish I had the time to devote to the rant boards that SoH does. Imagine where they would be if they spent the time actually playing EQ that they do posting here.

And Saph, please don't be offended with ppl discussing and offering comments on your guild policies and actions. These have been brought to a public forum and will be discussed publically. This thread would have died at page 4 if not for SoH feeding the fire!
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Post by -=Xilanthanax=- » Mon Dec 29, 2003 3:49 pm

Soulwalker wrote:I agree Xil its lame as hell but watch it go to like 10+ pages.
Almost there bro. :P
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Post by saphdia » Mon Dec 29, 2003 3:50 pm


You, like leland, look like the fool here with your less than accurate and even false accounts as well as timing. /shrug Don't care anymore...honestly.

You need to follow your guild leaders advice, move on. Heck you never were smart in that area so i don't expect you to really listen to her either.


As for you Kefta,

With all due respect I do want to quote your first post on why YOU yourself posted here:
Now I never post in this place. I feel it is a waste of effort putting so much time into berating people you only know in a game. I mean come on! Look at this thread! All started by a simple post. LOL

But my guild's name has come up and my guildmate's honor has been questioned.
And I replied because my name and honor were questioned with lies and obvious misperceptions (whether those are true or not on his part I do not know). I do have that right and I do not think you have the right to tell me what to do in this case as it was YOUR guildmate who started this. He has participated in rants before and knows FULL well what his post was going to start. So please take your own advice, respect the fact I did the same thing as you and cleared my name here and do not tell me what to do.

What is fair is baginns needs to get over this and stop portraying things that were not true and didn't happen as he recounts them. What is fair is he stops his little "hate" campaign trying to expose something that isn't there. You asked what was fair, there ya got it. Subtle and I are very happy that he has moved on, SOH is very happy that he is happy where he is in LOC. Seriously. There was no need for him to start jumping in unless it was under the guise of causing trouble.

Take care,


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Post by Idienie » Mon Dec 29, 2003 4:01 pm

Anyone who knows me, knows my character
You're absolutely right, hun.

I can't believe you people actually expect us to believe that Baginns is some kind of selfish jerk that did nothing to contribute to SoH's success. Come on, this is Baginns we're talking about here!

Give me a break. :roll:

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Post by Arethro » Mon Dec 29, 2003 4:04 pm

Something you both need to realize is that SoH has done more for you than you have ever done for them. You are not the reason this guild exists. then again you arent in SoH anymore are you?
Nazku STFU, Baginns was in the guild before SoH even had raids. Something YOU don't realize is that SoH had to have a foundation to grow on to survive. Your riding the gravy train he helped built.
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Post by RevereHumility » Mon Dec 29, 2003 4:08 pm

Everyone here agrees that the "problem" is solved.

However, those in AND out of SoH may or may not know Baginns' reputation.

His reputation is one of kindness, caring, compasion and an over abundance of helpfulness.
If you don't believe what I have to say, there are hundreds of others that have had the pleasure of knowing him in and out of game. Feel free to ask them :-)
While opinions may change over time, EVERYONE has had a soft spot for the lil druid named Baginns.

I told him that I wished he was more like you and you guys know what true support is.

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Post by Harlowe » Mon Dec 29, 2003 4:11 pm

Sounds like poor communication all around. With that said, if someone does bitch about loot policies or has constant disputes on loot while the guild is raiding, that's going to drive everyone apeshit. Not only do the raid-leaders have to deal with the whiners, but then deal with people whining about the whiners.

I am not saying Leland did this, because I am not privy to what went on during their raids while he was on them, but loot/policy disagreements should always be discussed after a raid or at some other quiet time. Pestering about particular loot is only going piss off the leaders and your fellow guildmembers. It sucks the life out of a raid and causes distractions that hinder a raid's progress and frankly, it's level of fun as well.

It sounds like were also a personality clash. If you clash that badly with someone, you need to decide to either to do your best to get along or decide that is too much work and move on. Sticking around and just picking at the sore isn't going to get you anywhere anyway.

It doesn't sound like Baginn is a bad person. He was trying to enjoy the game with his girlfriend, understandable, but it is easy to see how after a long departure, if you then return and never involve yourself with your guild's regular activities - people are going to feel slighted or used. A better choice from the beginning would have been to join your girlfriend's guild or see about her joining your guild. If you aren't actively joining raids, but on occasion ask for help ....folks aren't going to feel very appreciated. When you've been gone that long, a priority should be getting to know your guildies again, if in fact the guild is important to you. There is no reason why you couldn't attend some raids (without them asking for your help) and also level with your gf. That way you'd have shown you do care and people would have felt good about helping the two of you and your new characters as well.

Seems like it could have been handled more kindly all around, but that's only given the information we've seen here. The extent of the drama and hard feelings that had been brewing, only their fellow guildmembers know.